Complaint Policy

Oneiro Studios through this policy commits that complaint handling will be immediate and fair by ensuring that:

▪ The complaint will be studied in depth and with fine handling.

▪ It will be fair to you and to any person in your workforce who may be referred to the complaint.

▪ There will be no charge for submitting the complaint.

▪ The Complaints Policy will always be posted on the website, .

▪ The protection of personal data as defined by the European Union and the relevant Law (the Personal Data Processing Act 2001) will always be respected.

▪ Complaints will be recorded and analyzed at regular intervals to identify and resolve problematic procedures and practices and to avoid recurring omissions.

▪ Individuals reporting complaints or responsible individuals for complaints handling will not be involved in investigating the complaint if there is a conflict of interest.

▪ The staff of the hotel will be continuously trained and will have direct access to the complaint management policy, always aiming at their effective management.

▪ The board of directors, the management and the workforce of the hotel recognize your right to complain and are committed to the fair and effective resolution of problems that may arise from the services it offers.

The first contact point

The first point of contact, in case you are not satisfied with any of the services we offer, should be the hotel reception. Our goal is to give a solution immediately in order to ensure for you an excellent experience from our hotel, and clearly before your departure.


If you feel that further consideration of the matter is necessary, you should contact us in writing (by e-mail) to file a formal complaint at with the aim of independently investigating the issue.


Once you have received a response and are still unsatisfied with the way your complaint is handled, you can ask in writing:

General Manager
Fotou Ioannis and Co. OE
40 platania
34300 Loutra Edipsou

We stress that all official complaints should be sent in writing. This protects your rights and gives you the opportunity to handle all complaints fairly, discreetly, effectively and consistently.

We would like you

- Provide details of your reservation (or agency) and your contact information.

- Describe clearly your complaint.

- Be specific about the reasons why you are complaining.

- Report your expectations about resolving the problem.

Time duration of a complaint

If the response to your formal complaint is not feasible, it will be investigated within the following time frames:

- Sending an acknowledgment of complaint receipt within two working days of receipt.

- Your complaint will be investigated within 15 business days and the response will be promptly sent to you.

Right to information

During the investigation of your complaint, you have every right to ask for information about its course of action by contacting the hotel.

- In individual cases where more time is needed for a more thorough and thorough investigation, we will request an extension in writing. In the letter we will mention, in addition to the additional information we may need, the actions we have already taken and the actions that will be taken to complete the investigation so that your information is complete.

- Our goal will be to send the reply within 10 business days from the day we inform you that we need more time or from the day we receive any additional information we have requested from you.